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“I can't keep pushing it away anymore”

Using TRE to heal the trauma of everyday living

2012 Living Ubuntu Summer Body Group

When cognitive just isn't enough

When intellectualizing has let me down

When optimism and positivity keep me trapped

When compartmentalizing no longer works

. . .

Living Ubuntu Body Group

“My normal way of coping just doesn’t work anymore.”
“There is never enough time. I can’t keep up with life.”
“How can I stop worrying all the time?”
“Why can’t I get a good night’s sleep?”
“I’m tired of trying the same thing again and again. Where is the joy?”

Life is inevitably difficult, complicated, and messy. Beyond that, sometimes it brings pain that feels utterly unbearable. We lead stress-filled lives and feel constantly overwhelmed. We get stuck in patterns that seem impossible to get out of. As if that wasn’t enough, at one point or another, trauma will come to visit, and sometimes it shatters us to the core. Despite best efforts, living a passionate, heart-centered, meaningful, loving, joyous life sounds like a fairy tale. Most of us would settle for just a good night’s sleep.

It’s not a character flaw or lack of willpower that’s the problem. Chronic and traumatic stress build up in the body. When the body finds relief, the mind will follow.

This 6-session body-centered workshop series will be experiential and offered in a casual setting. You will learn the basics of how stress and trauma impact the body and mind, and have a first-hand experience of learning TRE for the first time, or for those who are already familiar with it, how to go deeper into your practice.

To create an emotionally safe, secure space, we can accommodate no more than 10 people.  Please see the registration section for more details. 

What are Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises?

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) is an easy to learn body-centered method created by Dr. David Berceli. These exercises help to release the deep chronic muscle tension that is the result of stressful or traumatic experiences. When core, key muscles relax, often a deep sense of calm follows.

Dr. Berceli spent years living and working in situations of war and natural disasters (Israel, Palestine, Sudan, Uganda etc.). This experience enabled him to recognize patterns in the human body that have often gone unnoticed.  Here is an interview with Dr. Berceli in South Africa where he explains further.

For more information about Dr. Berceli and TRE, visit

What will we cover?

This series will emphasize:

  • Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).  Explained above.
  • Grounding.  What does it really mean to be “grounded”?  This will be explained and experienced through various Bioenergetic exercises.
  • Connection with ourselves and others.  We cannot heal alone. Often it is the combination of being connected to our self while also feeling connected to someone else (i.e. a safe witness) that allows us to fully express what we have been holding. It is easier to make changes when we feel support from others.
  • Exploration of belief systems.  Early life experiences, cultural conditioning, stress and trauma influence the way we relate to these issues. We will examine how these internalized messages play out in our lives.

This somatic workshop series will be both psycho-educational and experiential.  If you have futher questions, please do not hestitate to contact us.  

Presenter, Barbara English LMFT

Barbara EnglishBarbara English is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field. As a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, she works from a mind-body perspective, and utilizes relational somatic methods as part of the process toward healing and a sense of wellbeing. Much of her training has focused on Early Development, Infant Mental Health, and healing after abuse or trauma. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Living Ubuntu.

Life's greatest challenge requires increasing our capacity for staying grounded, open, breathing, and feeling in the face of life's deepest pain and horror. This in turn will increase our capacity for experiencing and allowing love, joy, and pleasure. If we focus only on the good feelings, it will be too tempting to resist the pain by inadvertently shutting down and eventually losing access to the wonder of life itself.

Barbara's growing discontent with the limits of private practice, combined with increased awareness of mass trauma as a global epidemic, motivated her to start Living Ubuntu. With an approach that seeks to unite trauma recovery and human rights issues, part of her work includes leading Orange County for Darfur.  She is a 2009 Carl Wilkens Fellow with Genocide Intervention Network.

Dates and location

We will meet for a total of six sessions twice every month on a Sunday afternoon.  Below are the dates.

Sunday, July 8
Sunday, July 22
Sunday, August 5
Sunday, August 26
Sunday, September 9
Sunday, September 23

Orange County, CA
(the address will be sent to all registered participants)

Each session is from 2p – 4:30p.

$28 each session or $130 for all 6 sessions

We are a non-profit organization. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
If there is any financial hardship, please contact us.

Note: For maximum benefit and group cohesion, we strongly encourage attending all sessions. 


Here are the registration guidelines.

  1. While this group will help participants learn to stay within their own limits, it will nevertheless deal with intense emotional issues.  We would like to have a conversation with you before you register in order to make sure this group is a good match for you. 
  2. To create a safe, secure space, we can accomodate no more than 10 participants.

If you'd like to attend, please get in touch with us.  Simply call us at (949) 891-2005, or send us a message.  Thank you :)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Or call us at (949) 891-2005.

July–Sept 2012
Orange County, CA
presented by
Living Ubuntu
“As a human species, we are biologically designed to experience, endure and survive trauma. Resolving past traumas delivers us into the future...

The inner development of compassion, caring and sensitivity to the pain of humanity emerges as a result of recovering from one’s own painful experiences of life. ”
– David Berceli

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Please wear soft, flexible clothing that does not restrict movement. Session content and participation in somatic exercises, while safe and effective, could lead to physical or emotional upset. Each participant needs to stay within their own physical and emotional ability.