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TRE Step-by-Step DVD

TRE DVDFeatures Dr. David Berceli giving step-by-step instruction of Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) in a group setting. It also includes interviews with six therapists who share their personal experiences with TRE. The exercises are easy, fast, and helpful to anyone for self improvement and self-healing. This is not a high definition DVD but it remains a classic.

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The Betrayal of the Body

Betrayal of the BodyIn Betrayal of the Body, the book that established the mind-body therapy of Bioenergetic Analysis, Dr. Alexader Lowen teaches how the conflict between the ego and the body produces splits in the personality that affect all aspects of an individual's existence. The book focuses on the neurotic and schizoid personalities. 

Chapters include: The Schizoid Disturbance; The Problem of Identity; The Forsaken Body; The Psychology of Desperation; Ilusion and Reality. 

Understanding the importance of healing the mind-body split through the recovery of an emotionally fulfilling mind-body relationship is demonstrated with case studies. 

Donation:  $18 (includes free shipping)

Fear of Life

Fear of Life Are you torn by fear of: love and being loved, letting go, sexual fulfillment, uncertainty, being yourself, failing, death and dying?  Dr. Alexander Lowen, world-famous psychoanalyst, will show you how to resolve those fears without changing the characteristics that make you the unique human being you are.  Through self-acceptance, self-possession, and self-expression you'll learn how to achieve a harmony between your inner and outer worlds that will lead you to a far richer, happier, and healthier life.  Go beyond fear to freedom! 

Donation:  $18 (includes free shipping)

The Spirituality of the Body

The Spirituality of the Body (book)Spirituality of the Body investigates the emotional disturbances that break a person's spirit, diminish the body's gracefulness and undermine it's health.  Dr. Alexander Lowen leads the reader toward harmony of the body, mind and sprit through case studies, self tests and special exercises. 

In this book, Dr. Lowen expands the mind-body equation of his earlier ground-breaking books to encompass the pinnacle of human experience - the achievement of spirituality. 

Donation:  $18 (includes free shipping)



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You don't have a body, you are your body.
- Alexander Lowen