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interconnectedness t-shirt

Relationships make us who we are. Every human being is created, grows, and lives life by means of relationships with other human beings. It is the essence of being human to need each other; it is our very essence to arrive into this world ready to give and receive love. There is nothing more painful than living life in isolation because it goes against our nature. Ultimately, a person is a person through other persons. We are bundled together. We belong to the greater whole. We live life interconnected.
Quote credit: Desmond Tutu.


empathy t-shirt

In being human together, we must know each other. Feeling connected comes from "feeling into" another's life. Empathy enables us to walk in the shoes of another and to care about what it feels like to be there. It gives us a deep understanding of one another and it unites us. We feel not only what we have in common, but also where we are different. Without it we would be separated from one another, randomly guessing at what was going on inside someone else. Beyond "I see you", empathy means "I get you," because I can feel what it is like for you to be you.


compassion t-shirt

When someone can really feel what someone else is going through, it paves the way for compassion. Compassion is stirred by resonance and we feel moved in the deepest part of our hearts. This greatness of heart leads us to turn toward suffering rather than turn away. It gives us the necessary courage to be with things that are very painful. It opens our heart and we respond from love. Compassion moves us to care and to want to do whatever we can to help. We sit with the difficulty and at the same time are drawn to bring warmth and comfort to those who are suffering.


authenticity t-shirt

One of the most difficult aspects of compassion is self-compassion.  This life has taught most of us to just adapt and bury much of who we are.  Sometimes our inner critic is loud.  Old wounds get in the way of fully embracing our authentic self.  It is hard to live life congruent with deep self-honesty.  It is risky to honor our need for genuine self-expression.  We fear rejection, humiliation and conflict.  We fear we are innately flawed.  We fear that we are somehow “not enough.”  Healing comes as we see ourselves accurately.  It requires great self-compassion and acceptance from supportive others.  Then we can be emboldened through self-possession to find our voice, cry our tears, express our anger, give and receive love with others, laugh loudly, and create continually.
Quote credit: Joseph Campbell.


forgiveness t-shirt

As we seek to live authentically, sometimes our relationships need repair. If trust has been severely violated and wounds are deep, it can take a very long time to come to terms with what has happened. Time must be taken to grieve for what has been lost and we need great patience during the process. Forgiveness doesn't come at the beginning. It comes at the end as the final chapter of healing. Only then can we be at peace with the past, ready to move forward. There is no future without forgiveness.
Quote credit: Desmond Tutu.



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- Alexander Lowen