Living Ubuntu


Living Ubuntu has organized a number of workshops on stress and trauma recovery featuring David Berceli.  Below is some feedback that David has received from participants on Trauma Releasing Exercises

"It just felt very joyful"

I was amazed at how quickly my body started to vibrate... most of the feeling that I had was a lot of sadness and a lot of release. Then at some point I got through that and I just started to laugh... it just felt very joyful.

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"It was wonderful"

It was as if my body was completely taken. There is some severe trauma in my early childhood that I felt was being reawakened and at times there were just waves of sadness about that... and then instantaneously I was laughing as deeply as I have laughed in a very long time... so that spectrum was wild.

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"It felt very good"

I was aware of energy moving in the abdominal area and that was just fantastic.

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"I just felt completely relaxed"

I tried to really give into it. And it was interesting. There was a lot of movement in my legs. Actually felt pretty good. And I just felt completely relaxed.

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"I just felt relieved of stress"

I just went into this rocking, almost like a lullaby. So after that happened, another form of shaking went on and that moment... It felt like I didn't have it up to my head. I was really aware that whatever was worrying me was not there any longer.

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