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About us

About us

We all fall down
Not everyone is able to get back up by themself

After witnessing cycles of brutality, violence and trauma, both local and global -- from gang-ridden, poverty stricken communities in our backyards to the brutal, horrifying violence in Sudan, Congo and countless other regions, Living Ubuntu came into being in 2005 because we began asking ourselves simple, yet urgent, questions.

  • What can be done to help the mass numbers of traumatized people in this world?
  • How does one address healing for people with varying cultural backgrounds and taboos against seeking help?
  • When entire societies have been traumatized, what does genuine healing look like?

Our name is representative of the philosophy eloquently described by Desmond Tutu in recognition that “a person is a person through other persons,” “my humanity is… inextricably bound up in what is yours,” and “what dehumanizes you inexorably dehumanizes me.”  Just as “Ubuntu” describes our inter-connectedness, Living Ubuntu seeks to support the common good while also addressing factors that detract from that.

We want a world where

  • people live in their bodies
  • have healthy, fulfilling relationships
  • recognize the interconnectedness of all living beings
  • and, consider growth and recovery as just a normal part of living a healthy, vibrant life

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Our mission

Living Ubuntu is a non-profit organization with a focus on mind-body issues, specifically health and well-being, and the effects of stress, trauma and compassion fatigue. We seek to increase awareness of the global and local impact of these issues, build a sense of community, and encourage living a more fully embodied life.

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We are passionate, effective, efficient and very grassroots. Most of our programs would not be possible without our volunteers. Join our team. 
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