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Neurogenic Yoga in the Park!

Join us for a FREE community class designed to release stress and tension! This class is appropriate for those new to yoga and seasoned practitioners alike.

August 2015
Stepping stones

Intro to TRE – Fundraiser

Help raise money to support our Trauma Recovery Program for Refugees. 

Stepping stones

Merchants of Doubt

The troubling story of how a cadre of influential scientists have clouded public understanding of scientific facts to advance a political and economic agenda. 

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) Global Certification Module II Training

This 3-day workshop is intended for those who want to teach TRE to others, have taken Module I, and are in the certification process.

october 2015
Stepping stones
Guest speaker

A Special Evening With Gene Baur: Living The Farm Sanctuary Life

If you sought to live in harmony with your values, how would that change what you eat? 

octoBER 2015
Ubuntu group

TRE Certification Trainings

"Trauma induced behavior cannot be rectified with the use of traditional crisis intervention techniques that depend on logical processing because trauma behavior is an illogical, instinctual response not under the control of the rational brain."
 – Dr. David Berceli


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Past events

Toward a More Peaceful World

Toward a More Peaceful World

A 2-day TRE workshop featuring Dr. David Berceli and an evening celebration for Living Ubuntu's 10th birthday
January 2015
Cowspiracy Movie

Screening of "Cowspiracy"

"Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" is a documentary about the most destructive industry facing the planet today
february 2015

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